A Reason for Being captures a company's ultimate purpose. It defines why people get up in the morning and come to work. It provides a laser-like focus on the customer and clearly states how they will use the value we help them create. More, a Reason for Being is the ultimate promise any brand can make. To its customers. To its employees. To its stakeholders.

This is StoryMiners third Reason for Being. It represents the latest in a series of transformations we've wrought on ourselves to maintain relevance for our clients—and improve our ability to deliver measurable value.

At StoryMiners, we rely on the same tools we recommend to our clients. Yes, it's a story that builds confidence. More, the tools truly work!

The centerpiece of the StoryMining:registered: experience design framework is Reason for Being Service. It's a single sentence that clearly describes:

     —the outcome of value we create for our clients

     —whom we work for.

     —what clients do with what they get from us

This is our third Reason for Being. What are the differences and why the change? 

  1. Beyong helping out clients build their future customer experiences, we're being asked to help design their total organizational experience. As design thinking has caught on, more business and organization leaders are seeing the value of applying the principles to the way their entire enterprises work. Since we've always had our eyes on the future, we're simply declaring that that's what we're going to be doing more of as we move forward. 
  2.  More clients are asking for fine-tuning help with the xperiences they already have or are creating. They say they like how we adjust a few little details to get big differences in terms of impact. We like the work, so we put it in our Reason for Being to focus on it more.

In conjunction with our Principles, our Promise Map, our Story, and our own Experience Design, the Reason for Being forms the basis of our brand, our business, and our future. Everything we do is in concert with it. All. The. Time.

To learn more about a Reason for Being and how it can help you manage your own organization, please check out this post: Reason for Being Service

“For the past two years, I've been circling around a new identity, a new path, a new brand of me. I've seen some traction, but hadn't been able to pin anything definitive down and in place. I wasn't sure where to turn until I heard of Mike Wittenstein's Revolutionary Idea Hour. Mike's service came highly recommended through my network which was one bonus. I've also known Mike and seen him work with clients before, so I know how insightful, probing and thorough he can be. When we sat down last week, Mike began by assessing my strengths and weaknesses, seeking buy in from me and acknowledgement. He also cataloged all I work on, to be sure all possible synergies were tapped. Finally, he and I engaged in a back and forth conversation that led to not just one, but really, a potential two or three ideas to work from. We then honed those down to something that represents my abilities to self-promote and network and position and brand. We came up with a niche area that has no leaders or learners. We found a new path, and now Mike is working on next steps with me to move down the path. I have to say, in the past 6 days, I've been overwhelmed at the opportunities, thoughts and ideas this catalystic experience has spurred. Thanks Mike!”

Andy Greider, Partner, and Chief Dot Connector at Beneficity

“Mike listened to me and understood what I envisioned in my mind, and he made it happen. I find this a rare talent. He introduced a higher level of business practices that were easy to implement. We have had significant growth and a motivated team due to Mike's help.”

Caroline Hotmer, President/CEO at ACE Resource Solutions




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