A Promise Map is a picture of who-owes-what-to-whom. In other words, it's a diagram that represents the (pre-negotiated) flow of outcomes from role to role inside the company. The value of a Promise Map is that it focuses attention on outcomes rather than processes. As customer requests, environmental factors, and 'things' change, this system of making and keeping commitments works because the outcomes each produces remains constant.

At StoryMiners, we actually use the tools we recommend. One of our favorites is the Promise Map (link to promise map services page). It's a picture of who-owes-what-to-whom created from the customer's perspective. Think of it like an organizational chart—but designed to help customers get their work done!

StoryMiners' Promise Map is in its third iteration since 2002. Each iteration is an evolution of internal capabilities and external messaging that result in our being able to keep our brand promises relevant and our business outcomes valuable to our clients.

A Promise Map isn't just a diagram. It's the result of numerous discussions resulting in binding commitments between responsible parties to get the customer's (and the organization's) work done.

Notice that Sales, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and other departments typically present in organization charts aren't present. That doesn't mean we don't appreciate them and use them, only that the elements in this Promise Map only include crucial roles in developing and delivering value for customers.

How do things get done around here? It's a powerful question. To find the answer at StoryMiners, just look at our Promise Map. It's on version 3 now. We've recently reconsidered how we serve clients and how we go about building tools and making them available. Specifically, we're devoting more resources to serving and emphasizing co-creation more with clients because that helps them:


 stretch their budgets
•  teach their people
•  take ownership of their own efforts (which leads to better adoption)


Together with our Reason for Being ServicePrinciples, Story, and our own Experience Design, the Promise Map simplifies operations, defines clear lines of accountabilities, and makes the business easy to teach as well as operate. This is how we are able to create exceptional value for clients and how we are always able to maintain an adaptive posture.

To learn more about Promise Maps and how this tool can help you manage your own organization, please check out this post: Promise Map.

“I've recently worked with the StoryMiners team on the establishment and corporate-wide implementation of a systems-based business model called the Adaptive Enterprise. [Having a Promise Map] is INCREDIBLY innovative, savvy and will help make your corporation more successful. Highly recommend.”

Lee Edmonson, HR Lead at iPay Technologies




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